Quick Start

Steps to creating a crowdfunding project.





If you’ve submitted a crowdfunding project but have not registered as a “Sponsor” by filling out the “Sponsor Account” contact info, please do so.  Anyone can submit a project, but only projects attached to a registered Sponsor can go live.  If you haven’t already done so,  please register as a ‘Sponsor‘ of a project.  Log in, and go to Your Account settings.  Look below for the: “Sponsor Account” tab.  And after the:

“Are you interested in sponsoring a project?” click on “Register now.”

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Please submit a complete project. Once you have submitted your project for approval, you will not be able to edit your project.  Please make sure your project is completed and ready for our review.

Your project should be easy to read, concise and to the point. It should be professional looking, with a video, and / or PICTURES, graphs, rendering if available.  Proof read for good grammar and to spot typos.  You project should be compelling, honest, credible, unique, with great relevant REWARDS realist FUNDING AMOUNT $$$ and a reasonable TIME-FRAME.  As important your project should take into consideration your target audience–especially your social media fanbase. If you need more information on how to create a winning project please refer to our Crowdfunding 101 guide.


You are ready to submit a project:

1. Register: 

  • First register and log in to fundmefundyou.com. Once you log in, click on “MY ACCOUNT” located at the top of page.
  • Under “Your Account Settings” go to “Sponsor Account” blue tab, and where it says “Are you interested in sponsoring a project?” click “Register now.”
  • Follow the instructions and fill in information about you, the Sponsor if you haven’t already register as a Sponsor.

2. Submit your project:

  • Once you’ve completed the required registration, click on “Submit Project” tab on the menu to the right. This link will take you to a form, where you will submit your project.
  • Provide the required details about your project on the form. Please only submit your project once.
  • Copy and paste the text copy of your project from a text program. You can use our formatting tools to format your project. You can also copy and paste an already formatted project form Word using the “W paste” tool on top word-processing menu.

3. Wait for approval. We will review your project within 48-hours.  We will send you a preview link so that you can review your project before it goes live along with any suggestions.  Use this link to carefully review your project. If you need to change anything about your project, please email us at  contact@fundmefundyou.com with very specif instructions, including your contact info, and the name of your project.   Once approved, your project will be live and ready to accept funds. If not approved, we will give reason and further instructions if needed.  In both cases we will notify you. Best wishes!

For more detailed instructions for filling out a project visit our Project Instructions page.


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