Our pricing options ensure you keep more of your money.


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FundMeFundYou is free to join and there are no hidden or recurring fee.   You use our services to raise money for your cause.  Unlike other crowdfunding site, you get to keep the money you’ve raised regardless of whether you’ve reached your target fundraising goal or not.     This option is only available for certain types of projects:  for projects  that can meet their promised reward and gift obligations made during  a campaign.

FundMeFundYou takes 5 percent of the money you’ve raised  if  you’ve met your fundraising goal and 8 percent on the money you’ve raised if  you don’t reach your fundraising goal.   When a contributor pay by credit card or PayPal, the credit card company and PayPal standard processing fees apply.  Check with PayPal and credit card processors for current rates.    You get to keep all of the money you raise if you don’t set a minimum requirement.  If  you set a  minimum funding goal, and that goal was not met,  no one will be charged a PayPal processing fee and refunds will be given to all contributors.

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