How it works

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For Project Supporters, aka “Backers”

You can easily give financial support a project you appreciate by pledging your support.  Once you’ve made a pledge, you will be taken to your shopping cart to checkout with PayPal.   Share this project with your social media friends, to ensure it succeeds.   Projects include special gifts, rewards and perks as a thank you for your support.



For Project Creators, aka “Sponsors”

Sponsors can use our services to create a Crowdfunding site for FREE.   We will accommodate only legitimate projects that we can properly verify.  Sponsor must complete the full registration process and provide proper contact information, including a working phone number.  Begin raising money today!  Follow these easy steps:

  1. You must register as a “Sponsor” and provide all the required contact info.
  2. “Submit” a project: Describe your need for funds;  set your goal;  Create a great project sales pitch for your audience; Include fantastic gifts / perks for your supporters.
  3. Go Viral: Use our social media tools to spread the word about your crowd funding project.
  4. Collect funds:  Your new crowdfunding  site will be the secure gateway for people to send you money.

 Ready!  Visit our  Quick Start page if you have a “shovel  ready” project to get started.  If you need more time to develop your project review our helpful Crowdfunding 101 manual, which contains every thing you need to know to succeed at crowdfunding.

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