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41 Popular, Free to low cost places to promote your crowd funding site and business web site.


Free places to promote you crowd funding site


Promote your crowdfunding event to the masses.  Below you will find a collection of links to places where you can promote your crowd funding event for free or a small fee online.  We suggest that before you start promoting your crowd funding event online, you first create great ad copy for your crowd funding event and a well written press release.  Another really effective why to bring in quality web traffic is article marketing.  Write a short, interesting article about 250 to 500 words about your event, expertise, new product or service, and submit your article to one or more of the article submission services.

Use this page to reach thousands of media contacts, bloggers, potential backers, via free classified ads, SEO search engines links, articles, and social bookmarking.   If you would like to suggest a web site to this list contact us.

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CROWDSUNITE.  CrowdsUnite is a great resource for people seeking to raise money via the crowd. The’ll promote your campaign for free on their site. Additional targeted promotion is also available including being featured and social media exposure.


Classifieds. We created a list of the top popular sites to advertise your crowd funding product, service, or event for free.   Classified ads have a strong local focus,  so you can post a free classified ad targeted at your city or town.

  1. eBayclassifieds   – US.
  2.    –  Strong US.
  3.  – UK based.
  4.  – Strong India, and international.
  5. Adsglobe – US and international.
  6.  – US and international.
  7. – US and international.
  8.   –  US and international: is a very famous, popular and big market place for online ad posting, advertising of many types.
  9. Crowd funding Web site Review
  10.   Links to more free classified ad web sites in the US and around the world.


Search Engines and Directories.  Millions of people search the Internet for products and services daily via search engines. There are hundreds of search engines online, however, 98% of internet traffic comes from the top  search engines.  If a Web site doesn’t appear in the top 30 matches when someone queries a top 10 search engine using a keyword related to its products or services it doesn’t matter how many engines it’s listed with.  Manually submit your url to the top search sites.

> Go to Free Search Engine Submisson

Also, discover how to better your odds of ranking high for a keyword search in a top search engine by using our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips and tools.

> Go to Tips & SEO Tools


Social Bookmarking Sites.  On these sites users share their bookmarks publicly online. People search these sites using category key words to search for or discover things that other users find interesting. These site are referred to as social search engines, where peoples popular onions rate and rank things as a pose to search engine computers. A great way to get instant web traffic to your crowd funding site.

  1. Twitter
  2. Reddit
  3. Pinterest
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. BuzzFeed
  6. Delicious
  7. Tweetmeme
  8. digg
  9. FARK
  10. Slashdot
  11. Friendfeed
  12. Clipmarks
  13. Newsvine
  14. Diigo
  15. DZone


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News / Press Release Distribution Services.  A press release  is an efficient way to announce news about your crowdfunding campaign to a large audience.  A well written  press release  about your crowdfunding campaign will give your project more credibility.  It can also be indexed by top search engines, and  it’s a quick and easy link to share with your  fans to communicate the concept, background, and strength of  behind your project.  A press release  is a newsworthy statement written by an individual or organization to grab the attention of an audience. A release can be targeted at potential buyers, journalists (mainstream media or industry specific editors / writers), ordinary consumers, investors (professional or everyday ‘crowd-funder’ / project backers).  In any course, you will be sending your news release to a member of the media that represents a particular audience. Your goal is to make your story stand out  among all others. Your challenge is to persuade the media to cover your story.  Read our Press Release article to learn how to write a great press release.  When you’re ready to submit your press release, check out these links below.

  1. CrowdfundingPR  US and international. My goal with CrowdfundingPr gives you the tools you need to promote your Crowdfunding project to journalists, bloggers, followers, and your target customer group.
  2. eRelease  Fee – FundMeFundYou recommends using eRelease to deliver your press release to the right media sources. They have more than 100,000 opt-in journalists and a relationship with the largest and most-respected newswire.  They can get your press release directly to the desktops of journalists, freelance writers, and bloggers.
  3. Click Press  Free – a property of Pressventures, a provider of free and paid-for tools and websites to media professionals around the world. Once news submitted to ClickPress has been approved it is available not only to visitors to our site, but also to major web and news search engines. All submissions will remain in our searchable archives indefinitely. While ClickPress is aimed at PR and IR professionals, others are invited to submit their news, providing their news releases are presented in an acceptable format.
  4.  Free – a website providing press release distribution service founded in 2001 by Maxo Group, aims to helping small, medium or large sized enterprises to optimize their online marketing strategies. It has grown into one of the leading website in press release industry.
  5. Free – a website for the free submission of public relations distribution, news, and press releases.
  6. Pr-Buzz   Fee  –  offers a low cost annually subscription services that allows users to post an unlimited amount of news release for one year.  Creates SEO results in top search engines and news sites worldwide placement of your press release in thousands of news sites, blogs, social networks, newspaper sites, TV news sites, radio news sites, search engines.
  7. PR Leap Fee –  sharing your story should be simple & affordable. PRLeap offers the perfect mix of Online PR. Our publishing platform makes it easy to package your story and leverage SEO, Social Media and our distribution network to spread your message and engage.
  8. PR Log  Free – Press Release Distribution Service PR Log is an online press release distribution and press release submission service.
  9. URLpitch   fee – is aimed at internet marketing professionals, web designers, news makers and – according to Time magazine – any individual on the planet making use of the web to maximize their personal brand. Utilising their global network, URLpitch sends a brief summary of your new or redesigned web resources to media professionals around the world.


Article Marketing.   One of the best way to generate highly targeted traffic is thru a well written article that is submitted to one or more of the following article directories. Write about your subject, with well placed keywords and key phrases  related to your crowd funding product,  service or event. Also, add keywords based links back to your crowd funding site and web site.  The benefits are priceless, and include:  Increase  links pointing back to your site;  free targeted website traffic, increased awareness, and more potential contributions;  Gain expert creditability in your field since your article will be “published.”   Submit your article to the article directories below.

  1. Article Alley is home to millions of pages of great content, they offer an easy way to publish your work and attract readers. They have a community of more than 500,000 authors. Their members get great free exposure for their work and you can too!
  2. Article Dashboard  At Article, you’re not only provided with a central location for submitting and promoting all of your articles, you also have the key to a powerful resource for website owners and ezine/newsletter publishers who are searching for excellent content to share with others! When you set up your Article Dashboard account, you can immediately begin submitting your articles.
  3. Article Base    At you can submit an article and literally have thousands of readers worldwide, as your article is syndicated across the globe. Many people visit to gather free articles to display on their websites. RSS can be a gold mine. RSS feeds are so popular nowadays that you can gain an amazing amount of traffic by simply submitting just one article to a directory. You publish one article to a directory and that same article can begin appearing on countless other websites. This technology is called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The power of RSS is simply amazing. There are many big websites that can post your article on their websites, resulting in a flood of site visitors.
  4. Buzzle Life   Life is abuzz with . . . with so many things. From the day you come into this world, life exposes you to all different colors of living. Life puts you questions you need to find answers for, it surprises you with questions you don’t have answers to. Life makes you wonder about why things are as they are and how. Make Buzzle your one-stop destination to find information about all that you wanted to know. Come, join our world full of intelligent life.
  5. Business Know-How    Business Know-How is an award-winning small business website for small businesses and home businesses. Owned by Attard Communications, Inc., Business Know-How is known for providing practical information, tools, resources, and consulting for starting, growing and managing small and home-based businesses. The Business Know-How web site reaches about 4 million individuals each year.
  6. brings real-world experts and ezine publishers together.  Their searchable database of hundreds of thousands of quality original articles, posted by Expert Authors & Writers, allows email newsletter publishers who are hungry for fresh content to find articles to include in their next newsletter (up to 25 articles per year per our Publisher TOS). Your articles are managed by their proprietary management software, designed to give you maximum exposure to their loyal audience of hundreds of thousands of daily visitors and our email newsletter publisher audience who EACH have thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of email list members of their own. That means your original articles and expertise may be exposed to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people rather than waiting passively for someone to syndicate it on yet another website with no traffic.
  7. HubPages is an open community of passionate people—writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters. Interacting and informing. Sharing words, pictures and videos. Asking questions. Finding answers. It’s a rich and rewarding experience with a unique set of tools and resources to help Hubbers find and build an audience, easily create articles, and earn all sorts of rewards, from accolades to ad revenue. Over 50 million people explore HubPages every month.
  8. HellowArticle – is a free resource for submitting articles to be reviewed by the general internet public. It is understood upon submitting your article, that it may be copied and reprinted without express consent of the author. And that further, there will be no remuneration of any sort for your article.
  9. Find Articles   – a free place to post your article to a specific category for all to read.


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