free crowdfunding special

Free to 50% off crowd funding special, less PayPal normal processing fee.  FundMeFundYou is offering free and substantially discounted crowd funding for its pre-launch program. This discounts is available to a limited number of fundraisers, for the benefit of beta testing, and to generate content for the Company’s marketing and promotion campaign.  Project that are accepted will benefit via targeted exposure from our upcoming and ongoing marketing campaign starting in September, 2013.

To participate in our  pre-launch, follow these Instructions:

  1. First register as a Sponsor
  2. Submit a  legitimate and complete crowd funding project. Refer to our Quick Start page for instructions.
  3. Email us at the title of your FundMeFundYou project title, and Sponsor name with COUPONFUNDME in the Subject;

We’ll  review your project and respond to you within 48hours.  Please review our Quick Start page for complete instructions.  Thank you for your time, as we look forward to helping you succeed thru All crowd funding project must adhere to these Terms Of Agreements, and are based on management approval.


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 Crowd funding Made Simple is a plan-as-you-go guide for anyone trying to raise money through a crowd funding. It includes current best practices for succeeding.

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