Project Instructions

Instructions for filling out a project.



Crowd funding Made Simple is a plan-as-you-go guide for anyone trying to raise money through a crowd funding. It includes current best practices for succeeding.


You will be prompted to provide the following information.

1. Project Name *

Required: Advertised title of project. Make it short, catchy, because it will be your url to your crowdfunding site.

2. Project Description *

Required: Full description of the project with a good pitch.

3. Project Image *

Featured image for the project. Mandatory. If could be an picture, slide show or even better a short personal video pitch.

4. Highlights *

Important highlights, facts, and details about your project.

5. FAQs *

Frequently Asked Questions for this project. Anticipate the question your potential backer might have before they ask.

6. Funding Goals *

Minimum Required Funds; This is the amount for funding that must be raised before any money can be released. This will be binding; set this amount to 0 (zero) if you don’t want a Minimum.  This will be hidden from visitors view.

7. Project Expiration *

Required: Expiration for the project; funding will not be allowed after this time. You should give enough time for maximum exposure. Refer to our Crowdfunding 101 for advice.

8. Project Goal *

This is required: It is your target goal. Set it at or more than your Minimum Required Goal. This is a non binding goal, if set above the Minimum Required Funds above.

9. Sponsor Payment *

Enter check. You payment will be a Company check mailed to the Sponsor.

10. Project Rewards *

a) Default Funding *

We will use the pledge amount you enter here if no rewards are set. For example, a pledge amount for a cause could be set at $20.

b) Add a reward:  To add a reward click on the +Add Another Option and fill out the fields.  Repeat this process for adding additional rewards.

c) Sku: (1,2,3… or a, b, c, or if you have actual product SKUs.)

d) Label: This will be the Title of your reward. For example, T-Shirt, or name of the product you are offering to backers.

e) Price: this will be the price a backer pledges for that reward.

f) Max: Pledges: If you have a limited about of rewards.

g) Description: You can provide more details here.

Back to Quick Start.    Or please refer to our Crowdfunding 101 for in detail information on how to create a successful crowdfunding project.

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